1-wire master hub and -wire sensors

I know there allready is a post with regards to the same issue as I am having, and I also asked a question in that post -
but I would like to ask if anyboidy are familiar with the following 1-wire hubs and I there are somebody who can reccomend one of those:

I would like to get a new masterhub with ethernet connection, and have been looking in to one o fthe following:

Does anybody know if any of these hubs are compatible with the Hobby boards sensors that I have got. I have 1 temperature sensor (the “old” type), and 1 barometer and humidyty/temp (“new”? type). In worse case I will just have to get new sensors…

I also wonder if anybody can reccomend suitable 1-wire sensors for the following:

  • Rain gauge
  • Leaf wetness
  • UV
  • Solar

Best regads