1 wire lightning detector

Ok done everything as in 1- Wire Lightning Detector Installation, but no joy.

Got Version 10.31s installed
Installed all the windows stuff (framework etc)

Restarted the comp serveral times but the 1 wire does not show. The one wire drivers detect the usb thingy but wd does not want to know about it.

I do not get a ROM ID.

Any ideas why?

Please help :slight_smile:

have you set the com port number to use for the 1 wire as 1 and ticked to use USB 1 wire in the com port setup?
(1 being usb 1 wire port 1 and not com port 1)

Yep done that, even checked and double checked the wiring.

1 in the "dellas 1 wire extra temp/hum sensors comport port

I want to use a 1 wire device with my weather station
I do not have a 1 wire temperature sensor in use

Comport section
Ticked :
USB Port (Use th I button viewer to find the port number) <— what is that about? I pressed the “I” button but nothing happend. I used the driver software to find the com port and it shows:
PC port type: USB
Adapter Required: DS9490
Port Number 1

So that is all set to go.

In Dallas 1 wire setup age.

Clicked the save/reset but no romID is shown.

Hope this additional info helps.


try a restart of WD (give her a kick in the guts Trev :wink: )

Make sure when you are installing the USB adaptor that you do not have the 1-wire network connected…

Once it is installed then attach your 1-wire network, with the lightning detector on it and then launch WD.

If that still doesn’t work then check your wiring to the lightning detector itself…


(Use th I button viewer to find the port number) <— what is that about?

One Button Viewer lets you see if your 1 wire device is working. You can download it here:

:smiley: :lol: :multi: :-({|=

Ok done and dusted, up and running. It was wires, must have pulled to hard, I put a new cable on and hoppa I got an id.

Now next question, what is good software to use for detection (appart from WD). I like to have an idea how far the storms are away etc.