1-Wire Lightning detector going nuts


For some unknown reason my 1-wire Lightning detector (hobby boards) has started going absolutely nuts, seeing hundreds of hits a day! Infact one day I saw over 1000 hits… not right.

However the other day we did have a storm, lighting, it saw a good few flashes before it started raining, however once it started raining, it missed the majority of flashes/bangs, this seemed to coincide with it raining. the Stevensons box it’s in is water tight.

I have changed the battery, checked the connections, yes it is earthed, through a 3m earth spike.

Any ideas?

It appears that more false hits are occurring in countries where 220V is the normal household voltage. There have been discussions that switching on/off light switches and appliances are causing false strikes. Others have found electric fences have caused problems. Maybe the rain changed the grounding on you system or some equipment in the area.