1-wire Lightning Dector - Actual Attempt

Why don’t I have times in the bottom of my graph?

Well I like your page… and I am jealous… all those local lightning maps too :slight_smile:

I can’t remember if my first one had anything or not… time wise.

I would give it some time and see what shows up.

Glad it is working though :slight_smile:

Was working WAY too well for a few minutes there… I thought it was jacked… I kept seeing strikes… restarted WD and that cleared that problem.

Now I need to wait for some weather!

Darn. No thunder last night… even though there was a slight chance.


Bummer on the “No thunder/lightning”…

Very sharp looking “Lightning in a Box” :slight_smile: and nice write up :slight_smile:


[quote author=JaxWeather link=topic=8047.msg57933#msg57933 date=1111152154]
Bummer on the “No thunder/lightning”…

Very sharp looking “Lightning in a Box” :slight_smile:


Will be interesting to see what range you and Chas get with the “Lightning in a Box” concept as that could make it more attractive to others if they don’t have to put up yet another pole in the Yard…

Are you playing with any other 1-wire sensors, with any luck?

I would particularly be interested in any experience with Hobby-Boards solar sensor (speaking of which what the devil is the diff between a UV and a Solar sensor)…


A UV sensor just measures the level of UV light…the stuff that you can’t see that gives you sunburn. A solar sensor measures the total amount of light (including all the light frequencies possibly including as some UV and IR), so it’s effectively a brightness sensor.

Does someone have the specific parts list required, and, website(s) where the parts are available? Are directions available for assembly and integration with WD? All told, how much does it cost to build one?

Hello Dan,

I wrote a FAQ based on my setting up the Lightning detector…

It contains information about where I obtained the lightning detector and USB adapter as well as installing the USB adapter and then setting up the detector with WD.

More about getting it all put together and what I used for a housing is here:

Chas posted information about his “Lightning in a Box” setup here:

I spent less than $100.00 USD on everything for mine, including the PVC, wire and ground rod…


[quote author=NorCal Dan link=topic=8047.msg58049#msg58049 date=1111217270]
Does someone have the specific parts list required, and, website(s) where the parts are available?

I really forgot to mention that it was all Bob and Chaz who got me going… and Brian for integrating it into WD…

In fact, I re-wrote my page a little:


Well Tom… I certainly appreciate the mention and link and it brings to mind a project I started 2 weeks ago and it got laid in the dust which i will have to dust off, a station equipment and setup page with links to other sites for others to see other setups…

Thanks again,

Thanks for the info, I think I will build one after I get moved.

One question, the AAG Electronica’s USB 1-Wire Adapter, how many devices can it handle? What if I wanted to add other 1-wire devices? I’m thinking that 1-wire means multiple devices can be on the same “wire”, is that correct? Just curious in case I later decide to add more sensors I don’t want to have to replace anything if possible.

Funny you should ask that Dan as i just posted some general 1-wire questions, one of which is virtually identical to yours…

I will be interested to find out the answers as well…

If only one wire and adapter is required how are folks wiring them?


you just keep on adding 1 wire devices in a manner like xmas tree lights
(i.e 1 wire is the common return)

Thanks Brain…that’s good to know. Should get started on the lightning detector after I get the Stardot setup. And look at all the money saved by not having to buy a Boltek! Just wish there was a way to save the same kind of money on the camera :slight_smile:

i put my cheap usb wired web cam into a outdoor secutiry light housing, then used 5meter usb extenions (and sealed the join) and my web camera is now on the roof of the house

I am going to try my Logitech but I am not expecting good results. I think the Stardot is the only solution.


Just too much to expect the Logitech to do a decent job with and keep the clarity.

I wonder what the range of the lightning detector will be from that location…might have to figure out a way to de-tune it from picking up strikes that may never reach my area…I don’t suppose the AAG board has any adjustments on it…


Were they active USB repeater cables or just passive? How many 5 meter USB extensions (5 meters is like 15 - 16 feet right?)