1-wire hum/tmp/solar kit

Anyone set up a humidity / temperature / solar 1-wire board?

Any advice?

Im just wondering as the sun sensor is on the same board from the temp gauge so wont it affect it?
Should i cut the solar from the board and extend the wires to move it into direct sunlight…in an outdoor light fitting or something?

I’ve set up the same w/o the humidity. Because they are all on the same board they will see the same environment. I have a solar and temp sensor enclosed in a waterproof container. The temps got as high as 160F (71C) during the summer. So you won’t have accurate temps with both on the same board.

Others have extended the leads on the solar but most have only done a very short distance. I don’t know how far the leads can be extended and have the solar still work.


I have the HB board specified above. I have extended the wiring to the photo diode an dhave it operating reliably and with good data. Using some Cat5E cable, I have the photo diode mounted on the top of my WX Station mast (approx 10m) and the main PCB with temp.hum sensor in my FARS, approx 7 m away. I supply power to my 1-wire network tho, as this definately makes a difference. Colin from 41 South has kindly manufactured me a different type of solar sensor, but as yet I have’nt had time to replace my HB unit with his invention…