YoWindow widget not displaying WD data

Thought I had made the necessary changes, placed the crossover.xml file trying a couple of places. Works fine on my desktop, not on the widget, File not found showing from line referencing yowindow.xml from the widget code. (but can be accessed by simply typing in the address bar.) Could someone take a peak at “http://iszatso.net/weather/wxyotest.php” and if the error of my ways is laid bare , would be much appreciated. TIA,




I’m not sure exactly what caused your problem, but I built a widget from the YoWindow site, added your xml and it works for me. http://jcweather.us/tyowindow.htm and you can right click, view source and use that code if you wish.

But then I went back to view your widget and it was working and providing the exact same information and updating every 5 minutes like mine. So maybe you had already fixed it? Or maybe there was a temporary issue at YoWindow?

  • Jim

Looks indeed that it is working. Hadn’t touched a thing. One for the Gods…

Make your yowindow page cooler by using a local landscape scene as I did with mine: http://stillwaterweather.com/animatedforecast1.php

Went to your site to check it out. Seems like the dark of night. Would love to put a local scene in. Will wait to see what’s going on at your place first though. Thanks for the tip though, always trying to take the stock and soup it up. Is it difficult? TIA,



Just advance it to day time to show its animated forecast for then. It’s kinda hard to get it to function and had to go to a yo window forum for help.

I didn’t notice it until recently, but the YoWindow widget will, when there is a thunderstorm going on at night, do a pretty good job simulating it with lightening streaks and flashes along with rain falling. Pretty cool. If it also displayed the amount of rain falling from my station, it would be even better. I hope it can later be added in.