YoWindow and Own data help please?

Hi folks

Looking into Yowindow for the desktop at the moment and using bashewa’s script

I have noticed that the http://www.northantsweather.com/yowindow-xml.php aint
quite on the ball for me, the timezone appears to be out a tad 02:02:00Z and it
should be 21:02, also its showing Timezone: US/Central, i aint sure where its getting
this from?

Also the temp is showing as 15.6 when its currently 16.0

The above is referring to the top part of the file

Am i missing something please?


The stuff in the remarks is just for info/debugging. If the data in the xml agrees with your station, then you are all set.

  • Jim

Thanks for that Jim :smiley:

Hi again, actually it is showing this as the time its about 5 hrs ahead of me :frowning:

Also, could someone please advise as to what i would need to add to the yowindow-xml.php
so that it will use WD visibility and Feels Like please?

the current conditions do not match now, i am at a loss :frowning:

The correct details now appear to be in that top section, current conditions

I am baffled as to where its getting the info from :frowning:




<daily_total value=“2.8”/>



Check the following in the top of the script:

$version = 1.8;
error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE ^ E_WARNING);
// Script to convert WD clientraw data to YoWindow xml

// Jim McMurry 
// jcweather.us - [email protected]
// Version 1.0  06-Jan-2010
//         1.1  08-Jan-2010 Added new precip rate and icon handling to support Build 225
//         1.2  11-Jan-2010 Changed humidity and rain entries to support Build 226 - No changes needed for Build 227
//         1.3  16-Jan-2010 Added clientrawextra support and snow level plus daily rain to support build 230
//         1.4  19-Jan-2010 Added some logic to enhance snow determination
// Rainer Finkeldeh
// bashewa.com - [email protected]
// Version 1.5  22-Jan-2010 Added xml tags for mist and thunder.
//                          Added xml tag  for cloud formation.
//                          Added icon switch to "showers" (icon 22) if the rainrate > 0 and not already raining.
//                          Added option to have clouds determined by you and not Yowindow using the WD icons.
//                          Added make mist when cloud height is below a specified altitude
//                          Added decription for rain intensity.
//                          NOTE: still needs some fine tuning! (and probably some in WD as well)
// Version 1.6  24-Jan-2010 Added solar logic to determine icon to use.
// Version 1.7   9-Mar-2010 Added $mods for tracking code
//                          Changes to how fog is handled
//                          Moved solar to follow metar so it will actually refine it
// Version 1.8   4-Apr-2010 Fixed rain tags and multiplier, and added solar & uv.

// Settings
date_default_timezone_set("America/Toronto");   // Zones available at http://us2.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php
$software  = "WD";
$datafile  = "./clientraw.txt";       // location of your datafiles relative to this script
$extrafile = "./clientrawextra.txt";
$metar     = "CYHM";

That’s my timezone and ICAO Metar, check you have it set correctly, seems the old “EST5EDT” doesn’t always work on the newer flavors of php.



Data generated with yowindow-xml.php v1.6


Data generated with yowindow-xml.php v1.8

:wink: #-o

Yes, there is a more current version that I’ve been using … we’ve just been playing with this off and on when the spirit moves us. Try this one http://jcweather.us/yowindow-xml.php?sce=view and see if that works better for you.

  • Jim

Thats spot on thanks a lot guys, i appreciate the help, using the latest version normally helps :wink:

Just out of interest, can the web version utilize this script?

weird, WD says Rain, Yowindow says rain yet the flash is not raining

Yes, there’s a parameter you can add to tell it to use your xml file. Go to where you got your original widget code and at the bottom of the page there’s a link to all the available parameters.

  • Jim

Thanks Jim, got that sort, albeit with no where near as much data…