You know you're a party animal when

the highlight of New Year’s is watching Weather Display “roll-over” its monthly/new year climate log files (oh yah, hot times).

Seems the web version of the NOAA and the Extremes Reports didn’t get generated and/or posted on with this month’s/year’s roll-over.

Happy New Year, Whoopee!!!

WD Version 9.39e

my noaa and monthly didn’t generate today. They did last night. They also didn’t produce the usual overnight emal.


I knew you were a party aardvark; yes, the picture did scare my dogs!

Well Matey,
It was either the flying pigs or the reality. As I tell my high school boys class, pointing to myself, " This! IS what you have to look forward to in about 40 years, should you live so long!"

What is wierd, it was taken just two days ago. Why am I squating< not for that reason. At a prairie restoration project, armed with the GPS. The person wanted coordinates, so after hoofing around for 8 hours here I am!! The wife thought it funny. The legs sighed with relief.

PS. You can also use it as a talisman against Brian’s competitors.


Did your Yesterdaygraph.gif and yesterdaygraph2.gif update correctly, as mine didn’t.


My yesterday (24hr), 48hr, and 72hr graphs were created successfully at 01/12:02L. Seems my problem is limited to the “dailyreport” and “dailynoaareport”.

Was able to go into View > Show Extremes/Averages, show December 2002, and upload full month’s climate table using the “update” buttons so now my web page “reports” displays all 31 days of December.


most of my stuff is either 3 or 4 days out of synch. Not real sure. On the 30th the printer started printing the end of the month reports. I am not certain whether or not the program used a 30 day month.

I had to go into the view averages/extremes, call back December and print the data that way. I also had to manually upload the rest of the items.

Under December 2002, it only goes as far as the 27th.

Must change picture again, probably scared the software.

And while you’re at it, stop scaring your students. They must be permanently damaged after realizing the end of life as they know it begins at 40!

my students are the kids Mom warned you about. :twisted:
Most kids talk about football this time of year Mine how to scout out the best cars to break into and take the kiddies presents. :evil:

They talk about boot camp, state training school like someone does about old home week . :slight_smile:

I don’t scare them, they scare me 8O
However, old age and treachery always over come youth and skill 8)

I am in the process of trying to find a suitable replacement for my signature line. ARghhhhhhhhh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Changed the picture and signature.