Yet another custom screen question

Hi here I am lurking in the back row.

I must have done something to my settings for the custom screen. I used to see everything. Now all I can see is the mesonet if I update it and the real time graph.

The other graphics I cannot turn on or off, so I have just the above showing. I must have angered the WD gods somehow. :roll:

I have noticed this for several versions back. I used to notice that when the WD would start up and it used to access the datalogger on the Davis Vp and I could get data back from where I last had it. Now the box shows up and it seems to be doing something, but I don’t see the data it gets anywhere , either on the graphs, screen or log.

If I should access the log files I get strange results . Missing dates but some data, data and a few lines of zeros. Obviously the data isn’t updating from the logger. For example. I download the data twice a day, so I should have data in size between the intervals with a 5 min interval set. I have fewer than 10 lines at the most. I don’t recall changing any settings, but something might be amiss.

Any suggestions? I know ditch WL and use WD exclusively - however I still having the gumption to hitch up the other computer via a network to run both. I am not sure the old fuse box could run both at the same time.