Yesterday's rain not keeping record

If you recall Brian (see under minimum soil temp problem on a previous thread) when I shut down WD, the yesterday’s and today’s rain data is not saved if I shut down WD. This has only started recently. I have to manually reinsert the figures back into the fields.

I checked the program error log, and that was clear. Could this be anything to do with pressing “exit” instead of “save and exit”.

I wish I could be more specific when this problem occurs!

Suggestion (although it seems silly to mention it). As I am not computer literate, when “save and exit” is pressed, is there sufficient time for all the data to be written and a report returned to confirm that all is well before the program exits? I ask you this as I wonder if this process works so fast on my PC that I was wondering if the PC had already raced ahead closing down WD before ALL the files were written. This problem only seems to occur when WD has been operating and collating data for a 24 hour period!

Is it possible in placing a slight delay into this process when exiting WD, to enable sufficient time for the files to be written and the shut down process starting?