Yesterdays Graphs are into the future

Yesterdaygraph.gif is not showing 31st December 2002, it is showing 1 December 2003, and also yesterdaygraph2.gif is showing 31 December 2003!

Is there a way this can be correct Brian, or is it too late.

So far I am seeing everything Andy is seeing on my data too

windtempraintrend122003 Now this is different?

Has time really passed by so fast?

It is reassuring that I am not the only one. Sometimes I doubt myself and usually blame myself for not understanding the software and set-ups.

i must have set it up to think december was a 30 day month instead of a 31 day month
i have a year to fix that

Since the year change, I am now not getting my daily table.htm file updating and is still locked on yesterday evening at 19.58. Every time I try to force an update, nothing happens and since the day has now rolled over to the 2nd, it still remains the same. HELP PLEASE.

In fact, if I go into FTP Setup/webfiles and change the parameters, nothing still not updates. Have tried reinstalling, still no good. WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG NOW.

try resetting the web files location, under setup, internet setup, web files, button top right hand corner

a quaick way to update the table part of the main page is go setup, customise the internet file creation, adn click on the first top left now button
then right mouse click on the main screen grpah, and choose view my web page, and if it is updated