Yesterday rainfall set to 0

… if i do any correction/setup under “setup/data correction and rainfall” and leave the field with yesterday rain blank!

actual version 9.02a

Hi Brian!

It’s also “a problem” in the actual version… but only a minor thing :slight_smile:

Hi Brian!

Are you thinking about this or have you forgotten it? :slight_smile:

i missed this one
what is the bug exactly? (i am lost)


If i went to “setup/offsets and rainfall adjustment” and for example do a correction for the humidity offset (only humidity and NO yesterday rainfall correction!) then clicking to OK, the yesterday rainfall ist suddently set to the value of “0”

Now, since version 9.30d or 9.30e?? (actual using 9.30e) I can’t change yesterday rainfall anyway. :frowning:

opps, over did the security!

9.31b, should be ok for entering the amount directly…

Thanks. Yes it is better…

But now it is as before. If I change anything except yesterday rainfall (leave this fieldf blank) in “Offsetts and adjustment” then yesterday rain is set to “0” - even if yersterday rain was >0 before do anything on adjustments…

But perhaps it is better than I can’t do change the yesterday rain anymore. :slight_smile: