Yesterday rain in 9.86

Hi Brian
Since upgrading to 9.86 both S/W & W/W are showing 0.0mm rain for
yesterday when they had 1.2mm & 1.1mm respectively
This is both in the table & in the screen shot :?: :?:
The rain is however shown in August2003.htm.

T/W which is running 9.85c is showing yesterday rain as 1.1mm correctly
:smiley: :smiley:

Same thing here - I had 39 mm of rain yesterday, but 9.86 reset the rain for yesterday to zero on the main display and the web page!


becuase some people were not having the daily reset occuring, i decided to do it a minute later, just in case
big mistake
9.86b fixes that!
(should do)

I found with 9.86e that if you have Pad Out Data picked,if you restart the program or the pc yesterdays rain would set to zero and the temp and wind info resets as well. If NO to pad out data this dosenโ€™t happen. Maybe it was meant to work this way,I donโ€™t know,but just in case.Just some helpfull info :smiley:

humm, that should only happen if the pad out goes through your reset time
i will check on that