Yesterday high/low temp readings


What happened to the high / low temp readings for the yesterday coding? When you look at the readings for yesterday the High and Low readings are blank… Is this a bug to just my station causing this?

i did change it (i thought it was an improvement)
anyone else see that?

oh... i did change it (i thought it was an improvement) anyone else see that?


Yes I do…

have a nice day…

Guys where are you seeing this info? If your talking about the Extreme Conditions table, then my values show up just fine.

the high or low, depends. the time is there but no value shows up

any errors showing up under view, program error log when you go to view this?

works fine with the new fix


I am seeing the same


well bugger me, i have the blanks too, with yesterdays values (took a day to show up)
i will fix this new bug i introduced after i milk dem cows

when i checked mine again, it was OK
please try vers 9.67
hopefully it will be better

greg, i have added a new log file for daily sun shine hours now, that will appear on the temp wind trend 3D graph

Brian, Where is it ? He’s my 3d graph on ver 9.67

its a new log file
patience greg
its not retrospective
how about, thanks!
good work!

I do appreciate your work. I just wanted to make sure I was looking in the right place.

i think i saw too much sun today, LOL
i have tested, and it is working…
you should see it tommorrow