Xweather map api access rates

Using aeris (now xweather) api for forecasting has worked well. As part of looking to the impact of the name change i noticed that they have a radar map builder that produces some very nice customized radar maps. I made one and used its static image as webcam2 for local radar. However, my API access rate went up expoentially. I went from 5 or 10 accesses per hour to hundreds. My 5000 daily limit won’t stand the higher access rate. So, i ihave been trying investigate why the static webcam image is creating so many accesses.

Is it pwsWD making so many requests? or is it that building the map counts as so many accesses? I was assuming that getting the updated maps is handled through the cron-job which ought to mean one access per 5 minutes, or the otherwise cron-job rate. I don’t see anything in the cron-job files that would affect webcam images.

Just curious of this something inherent in aeris maps or something eminating from pwsWD?

Thanks for any thoughts.