WxSimate trying to download previous months data

I’ve just set up my weather station again so I only have data from the last week or so from my current location. When trying to download the local station data in WxSimate I pointed the data directory to the (HTTPS) web directory that contains the WD files and have ‘Download this month only (if http or https)’ ticked. The date is showing as 2021/3/14 hour 9 which is correct.

When I click Import Data I get an error ‘No data for month 2. Could not find file D:\wxsim\22021lg.txt’. I know that file isn’t there because I don’t have data for February and I assumed the tick box would prevent WxSimate from trying to download a file that I know isn’t there. Is this tick box working as intended?

Regards Chris

If I understand you correctly, he is trying to download the data from his PC in WXSIMATE.

As I believe, you must first tell wxsimate which data source you are going to use, like this in the menu:

Customize >> Local station source >> Weather Display

Then, in the box located on the right side, below the message “Local station data directory (omit last slash)” you must indicate the address where your data is located; for example:


I hope I have understood the question well and that this helps you

Saludos desde San Sebastian, Spain

I am trying to get data loaded into WXSIMATE from Weather Display. I have the data source set correctly and because I’m running Weather Display (consolewd) on a Raspberry Pi I’m uploading the log files to my web server so that WXSIMATE can download them from the server. The current month (March) log file is downloaded correctly but it’s also trying to download the February log file even though I’ve ticked the box to tell it only to download the current month.

Ahhh, sorry; I have never used the option to download from the web; also I do not use the raspy. #-o

Anyway, you don’t have that data locally? Isn’t it possible to access it?

Hope some other user can help more than me.

Regards Chris

I don’t have data for February because I’ve moved house and have only just put my station back up a few days ago. The problem will fix itself in a couple of weeks when we reach April but it seems to be a bug that new users would see.

I wonder if you created an empty file for February if that would trick WxSim into moving forward.

Hi Chris,

The “this month only” box is for internet downloads. WXSIMATE is indeed trying to get last month’s data from the local drive, as it wants to look back 30 days (mainly at precipitation data to see how wet the soil it). You should be able to proceed without further messages or errors after OK’ing that box, and with only the slightest detriment to the forecast. Is this the case, or not?

It is a somewhat annoying pop-up, though. It will disappear on March 31, as there will then be 30 days of data. I should look into a way to skip the message for people just getting their weather stations up and running (or back up and running!).


I am downloading the log files over the Internet so the tick box should apply but it’s still trying to download last months log file. Having said that I’ve just thought…does month mean 30/31 days or the current calendar month? I’d assume calendar month but if it means 30/31 days then I can see why I get the warning.

The forecast does seem to run once I OK the error although I’m not sure what would happen if I was auto-running? Bypassing the warning would be good for startups or re-startups.