WXSIMATE: Could not establish secure channel for SSL/TLS

WXSIMATE is showing this type of error for METAR, SYNOP & RAOB.

The Internet connection is fine.

Any ideas?

PS. This is WXSIMATE 6.1 (I haven’t upgraded since 2016, because usually it just works. :slight_smile:

You need to bite the bullet and update, David. :smiley:
Most, if not all, of the data feeds have now switched to using https and the latest update from Tom accounts for this and should solve your problem.

Fine. Will do. Thanks. :smiley:

The point at “which 'If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” falls down is when it breaks. :wink:

PS. Hi to all the folks I used to know here (username ‘skyewright’). The station is still going but other things have a higher priority for my time right now.

WxSim 2019 Build 1.1 now installed. WXSIMATE can now collect data just fine. :smiley:

Thanks again.

See, it’s not that hard!! :lol:

I’ll wave as I pass you on the ferry out to Muck on Monday. :wink:
One of my work colleges has moved near you, have you seen a Coastguard vehicle around the village lately?

Weather permiting. :wink:
Looks okay at the moment.

Not yet, but we are quite tucked away (the road is within 20m of the house, but 10 m above us!) so we don’t see traffic unless we look.