WXSIMATE and Weatherlink .wlk files.

I’m trying to setup WXSIM to work with .wlk files. Unfortunately, if Weatherlink is running, the current month’s .wlk file is locked
so WXSIMATE can’t import local data. So I get some error messages instead.

One solution is to close Weatherlink at that time and reopen it after (system scheduler). Is there another better solution for that issue?



Hello atsio,

I use “SyncBack” for copying (duplicating) the file automatically into another directory. http://www.2brightsparks.com/syncback/syncback-hub.html

Best regards,

Thanks Christophe, I’ve resolved this issue using a batchfile to “kiill” Weatherlink with the command taskkill as long as Wxsimate runs.

I use Spliterware’s System Scheduler (free version) to schedule all the tasks.