WXSIM Quick Start Guide

Hi Everybody,

In respose to requests from multiple users over the last year or two, I’m now assembling a relatively brief, to-the-point, illustrated guide to help get new users up and running with WXSIM/WXSIMATE. It’s not quite done yet, but I’d appreciate feedback. It’s kind of big (6.74 MB), perhaps because of the way I was pasting in screenshots (I might have made some bitmaps instead of JPEG’s).

It’s at www.wxsim.com/wxsimquickstart.doc.

By the way, I’m working on the next versions of both programs, and am hoping to get them done and posted within a week.

See what you think! :slight_smile:


Tom, It might be better as a PDF.

If you don’t have a PDF writer, try PDF995 which can be free, or very cheap.

Or, you can try OpenOffice, which has a PDF writer built in (although it’s a little big just to make PDFs :lol:).

Using open office it took less than a min. to convert to a pdf file.

Using PDF995 you can make PDF’s from any application that can print to a printer. You don’t have to use any special word processor.

Even output from the browser:


Kinda getting away from Tom’s announcement though. Sorry about that Tom.

Hi Tom ,Hi guys,

It’s amazing and exactly what i was thinking.Its simple and give step step all directions.Thank you so much Tom. After study all this doc. when ready, it’s good all try and all other features wxsim offer to users.I do it as i did promise you.

Goodnight from Larissa,Greece

Tom my site where forecast update is
http://users.otenet.gr/~panaknik/plaintext.txt (text) and

http://users.otenet.gr/~panaknik/latest.bmp (graphic)

Thanks Tom,
I had just done some screen captures and put them into a word doc over the weekend, which I was then going to print out so I coulkd start making some notes on based on the manual. Picked up some good suggestions from the quick start guide.

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for the suggestions! :slight_smile:

I looked around some on the web and have run across Primo Online, where you can submit a file to convert to PDF and they email it to you. I was thinking about this just to avoind installing more software. Has anybody tried that? Any catches?



I suppose, but for me, I create PDF’s almost daily, so depending on an outside service for it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me.

I’m sure PDF995 does a lot of other PDF creation things they don’t support.

Hi Kevin,

I got PDF995, and it was easy! Thanks!


I thought I had posted a response to this thread but I don’t see it…anyways, I took a look at it and found some things that I have now incorporated into my forecast runs. From a guy who never reads instruction manuals, I found the tutorial to be fantastic Tom, and I’m looking forward to the finished product.

Hi Tom,

this is a very good idea and an usefull text. Anyway, the best to do is to work throught your complete documentation included with the program, but it helps a lot to read first this quick start guide.

After reading both, I recommend to read as well the whole documentation since there are many interesting details to understand what wxsim all does.



Purchased wxsim yesterday and awaiting my customized forecasting ability coupled with WD’s data. After reading much of the instructions, still not clear on the specific settings in WD to mate with wxsim. What specific settings are to be set within weather display to work with wxsim specifically having WD upload the wxsim files to the website to be included in the php script that I will eventually install? TIA,



Now working just fine.