WxSim Online Forecast Display language translation

I want add WxSim Online Forecast Display to my site:


I discovered WxSim only today :oops: and I’m now try to learn it’s features, usage mode and requirements, I’ve a few questions to ask:

  • Is possible to display online forecast in italian language ?
  • I’ve a VP2 weather station with optional solar station added. I’m actually miss the UV sensor, do WxSim require it ?
  • How WxSim could perform here in north west Italy ? Will data source be enough for acceptable forecast ?

Thanks for any answer!


Hi Mario,

I responded to an email from you (I think) earlier, but I see a couple more questions here.

No, you don’t need a UV sensor. You don’t really need a solar sensor, either, though it helps a bit in initializing the forecast.

Northwest Italy shouldn’t present any special problems. I have done a customization near Genova before, actually.

Thanks for your interest!


Thanks for your reply,

I spent a couple of hours surfing the web and reading more about your interesting WxSim, at the end I purchased the software bundle + customization.

Output forecast in other language than English would be much appreciated in future. In the meantime could you please post a list of all the words, sentences of the forecast ? The idea is to make a “translator” with AutoIt that read the English forecast and swap/translate it.

Or if someone know other way to translate, using .pho for example, any idea welcomed!

Thanks again.


I received an email message from Gerard of

He did a .php language translator, I’m now waiting to receive more details.

Thanks in the meantime!


Im very interested if someone can make an “easy to install” guide of Gerards script - its very impressive.

But also a bit complicated for a newbie to php scripts…

this script is not so impressive, I could start with the help of Jardan. Jordan thanks for your help. So in the script there is a translation of the daynames and the text. There are not so many words used in the forecast. with trial and many errors I could figure out the right ranking of the translation, because our Dutch language is “so nice”. The most words are translated now. And with the help of php, nobody can see the mass I made with this translation, I am not a programmer, I like to show the things on the right way. so this is a part of Jordan wdsofd file with some adaptations:
Jordan thanks for your help and I had no problems to pay for the donation.

$kcounter = 0;
for ($k=0; $k<count($castpd); $k++) {

$spltcln = explode(“:”, $castpd[$k]);
$pdname = str_replace(’ night’, ’ Night’, $spltcln[0]);
$pdname = str_replace(’ afternoon’, ’ Afternoon’, $spltcln[0]);
$pdverb = str_replace(“\n”, “”, $spltcln[1]);

$pdverb = str_replace(‘Cloudy in the morning’, ‘Bewolkt in de morgen’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘becoming’, 'overgaand in ', $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘dense overcast’, ‘dichte bewolking’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘then’, ‘dan’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘the’, ‘de’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘afternoon’, ‘middag’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘cloudy’, ‘bewolkt’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Patchy’, ‘Gedeeltelijk’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘slight’, ‘kleine’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘light’, ‘lichte’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘fog’, ‘mist’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Partly’, ‘Gedeeltelijk’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘to’, ‘tot’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘gusting’, ‘windvlagen’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘mostly’, ‘overwegend’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘after’, ‘na’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘midnight’, ‘middernacht’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘morning’, ‘morgen’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Mostly’, ‘Overwegend’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘partly’, ‘gedeeltelijk’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Light’, ‘Lichte’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘moderate’, ‘matige’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘evening’, ‘avond’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Dense’, ‘Dichte’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘overcast’, ‘bewolking’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Moderate’, ‘Matige’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘dense’, ‘dichte’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘sunny’, ‘zonnig’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Rain likely’, ‘Grote kans op regen’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘rain’, ‘regen’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘A’, ‘Een’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘chance of’, ‘kans op’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘High’, ‘Maximum:’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Low’, ‘Minimum :’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘but’, ‘maar’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘temperatures falling’, ‘temperatuur daalt’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘temperatures rising’, ‘temperatuur stijgt’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘north’, ‘noord’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘nordeast’, ‘noordoost’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘east-’, ‘oost-’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace('down ', 'daalt ', $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace('or ', 'of ', $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace('east ', 'oost ', $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘southeast’, ‘zuidoost’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘southwest’, ‘zuidwest’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace('south ', 'zuid ', $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘south-’, ‘zuid-’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘around’, ‘rond’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘kph’, ‘km/uur’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Chance of precipitation’, ‘Kans op neerslag’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘near’, ‘bijna’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘percent’, ‘procent’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘less than’, ‘minder dan’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘snow’, ‘sneeuw’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Precipitation (liquid equivalent)’, ‘Neerslag (gesmolten)’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘between’, ‘tussen’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘and’, ‘en’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Precipitation’, ‘Neerslag’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘accumulation expected’, ‘ophoping verwacht’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Little’, ‘Weinig’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace('no ', 'geen ', $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace('snow ', 'sneeuw ', $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Snow accumulation’, 'Sneeuw ophoping ', $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘about’, ‘ongeveer’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘one’, ‘1’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘overgaen’, ‘overgaand’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘soudoost’, ‘zuidoost’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘showery of intermittent’, ‘afwisselend droog met buien’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace('No ', 'Geen ', $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace('Fair ', 'Bijna geen bewolking ', $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Cloudy’, ‘Bewolkt’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘calm’, ‘kalm’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Clear’, ‘Helder’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘clear’, ‘helder’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Sunny’, ‘Zonnig’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘dan a’, ‘dan een’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘ice’, ‘ijs’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘freezing’, ‘bevriezende’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘sleet’, ‘natte sneeuw’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘a mix of’, ‘een mix van’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘if any’, ‘tot geen’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘on ground’, ‘op de grond’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘patchy’, ‘gedeeltelijk’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Thunderstotrms likely, some possibly severe.’, ‘Kans op (zware) onweersbuien.’, $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Some thunder possible.’, 'Kans op onweer. ', $pdverb);
$pdverb = str_replace(‘Some thunderstotrms likely’, 'Kans op onweersbuien ', $pdverb);

$lwrpdvb = strtolower($pdverb);


WX-SIM Online Forecast Display

VERSION 1.12, revision A

Author: Jordan Gerth

$pdname = str_replace(‘Sunday’, ‘Zondag’, $pdname);
$pdname = str_replace(‘Monday’, ‘Maandag’, $pdname);
$pdname = str_replace(‘Tuesday’, ‘Dinsdag’, $pdname);
$pdname = str_replace(‘Wednesday’, ‘Woensdag’, $pdname);
$pdname = str_replace(‘Thursday’, ‘Donderdag’, $pdname);
$pdname = str_replace(‘Friday’, ‘Vrijdag’, $pdname);
$pdname = str_replace(‘Saturday’, ‘Zaterdag’, $pdname);
$pdname = str_replace(‘Today’, ‘Vandaag’, $pdname);
$pdname = str_replace(‘Tonight’, ‘Vannacht’, $pdname);
$pdname = str_replace(‘afternoon’, ‘vanmiddag’, $pdname);
$pdname = str_replace(‘night’, ‘nacht’, $pdname);

if (strlen($pdname) < 2) {

have fun with the Dutch language. This is all I can do for you, I am too busy with my job.


Perfect, then I can use this to present the forecast in norwegian :slight_smile:

Could yo uplease tell me exactly where in wsofd.php I should insert this translation and do I need to remove any existing code?

Gerard, thanks for sharing the translation code, I will try to made it work after WxSim become registered and customized for my site, I’m now waiting Tom work.

I now kindly ask Tom if he can supply the full words and sentences list available in the registered version.

Thanks again!


I managed to make a successful Norwegian translation, but off course that will mass up so that images and the temperature and chance of precip tables are all messed up and/or empty …

So I guess theire is a more logical place to put in the “translator” without it messing up the rest …

o yes I forget: you have to translate the last words in the other data textfile,

sorry for that.



Oh yes I forgot, see here the modified wxtypedata file:
severe!tornado-d!tornado-n!Zware storm
showers and thunder!showersstorms-d!showersstorms-n!Regen storm
rain and sleet!rainsleet-d!rainsleet-n!Natte sneeuw
freezing rain and snow!freezingrainsnow-d!freezingrainsnow-n!Ijzel/sneeuw
rain and snow!rainsnow-d!rainsnow-n!Sneeuwregen
freezing rain!freezingrain!freezingrain!Ijzel
sleet!sleet-d!sleet-n!Natte sneeuw
partly cloudy!partlycloudy-d!partlycloudy-n!Gedeeltelijk bewolkt
mostly cloudy!mostlycloudy-d!mostlycloudy-n!Overwegend bewolkt
partly sunny!partlysunny-d!partlysunny-n!Gedeeltelijk zonnig
mostly sunny!mostlysunny-d!mostlysunny-n!Overwegend zonnig
mostly clear!mostlysunny-d!mostlyclear-n!Overwegend helder
cloud!variableclouds-d!variableclouds-n!Half bewolkt
wind chill down to -!verycold!verycold!Erg koud
heat ind!hot!hot!Erg warm
severe!tornado-d!tornado-n!Zware storm
buien en onweer!showersstorms-d!showersstorms-n!Regen storm
natte sneeuw!rainsleet-d!rainsleet-n!Natte sneeuw
ijzel en sneeuw!freezingrainsnow-d!freezingrainsnow-n!Ijzel/sneeuw
ijzel/sneeuw mix!freezingrainsnow-d!freezingrainsnow-n!Ijzel/sneeuw
natte nseeuw!sleet-d!sleet-n!Natte sneeuw
gedeeltelijk bewolkt!partlycloudy-d!partlycloudy-n!Gedeeltelijk bewolkt
overwegend bewolkt!mostlycloudy-d!mostlycloudy-n!Overwegend bewolkt
dichte bewolking!cloudy-d!cloudy-n!Dichte bewolking
gedeeltelijk zonnig!partlysunny-d!partlysunny-n!Gedeeltelijk zonnig
overwegend zonnig!mostlysunny-d!mostlysunny-n!Overwegend zonnig
overwegend helder!mostlysunny-d!mostlyclear-n!Overwegend helder
cloud!variableclouds-d!variableclouds-n!Half bewolkt
wind chill down to -!verycold!verycold!Erg koud
heat ind!hot!hot!Erg warm

hi, it was already a long time ago I made this, see here the whole changed wdsoft.txt. Now I see I changed more, not so strange because it took me some evenings. when I have more time, I think I would do it different: translate after all the calculations are done.
But as I told you I am not the programmer, I just like to show the forecast in Dutch.



<?php require("config.php"); # CREDIT - DO NOT REMOVE WITHOUT PERMISSION # WX-SIM Online Forecast Display # VERSION 1.16 # Author: Jordan Gerth # Last modified: 01/05/2007 # Dutch translation by Gerard van 't Klooster # last modified 03/21/2007 # Documentation: http://www.wiscwx.com/jordan/wsofd/index.html # If you find this script useful, please consider a donation. ##################################### ?> <?php $ptf = @fopen( $slplaintxt, "r" ) or die("Error opening the plain text forecast. It may not exist or does not have read permissions."); $wdt = @fopen( $slwxtypdat, "r" ) or die("Error opening the weather type file. It may not exist or does not have read permissions."); $prc = @fopen( $slprecipam, "r" ) or die("Error opening the fallen precip file. It may not exist or does not have read permissions."); while (!feof($ptf)) { $tfc .= fgets($ptf, 1024); } fclose($ptf); $txtforecast = str_replace("\r", "\n", str_replace("\r\n", "\n", $tfc)); $header = substr($txtforecast, 0, strpos($txtforecast, "\n ")); $header = str_replace( 'WXSIM text forecast for Doornenburg, initialized at', 'WXSIM tekst voorspelling voor Doornenburg weerstation, gemaakt op', $header); $cstrst = substr($txtforecast, strpos($txtforecast, "__\n \n ") + 6); $endtxt = strpos($cstrst, "\n * T"); $cstbdy = substr($cstrst, 0, $endtxt - 2); if ($endtxt !== false) { $footer = substr($cstrst, $endtxt + 2); } else { $footer = "Deze voorspelling is gemaakt met plaatselijke informatie en kan afwijken van de werkelijkheid."; } $castpd = explode("\n \n ", $cstbdy); while (!feof($wdt)) { $wxls .= fgets($wdt, 1024); } fclose($wdt); $eachtype = explode("\n", $wxls); for ($j=0; $j<count($eachtype); $j++) { $oneline = explode("!", $eachtype[$j]); $wxtype[$j] = $oneline[0]; if (strlen($oneline[0]) < 2) { $oneline[0] = " "; } if (strlen($oneline[1]) < 2) { $oneline[1] = "na"; } $wxfldy[$j] = $oneline[1]; if (strlen($oneline[2]) < 2) { $oneline[2] = "na"; } $wxflnt[$j] = $oneline[2]; $wxflwd[$j] = $oneline[3]; } while (!feof($prc)) { $amln .= fgets($prc, 1024); } fclose($prc); $eachamnt = explode("\n", $amln); for ($p=0; $p<count($eachamnt); $p++) { $pamount = explode("!", $eachamnt[$p]); $pamfind[$p] = $pamount[0]; $pamshow[$p] = $pamount[1]; } $kcounter = 0; for ($k=0; $k 4) { if ($hghpos === false) { $maxmin = substr($pdverb, $lowpos + 10, strpos($pdverb, ', maar ', $lowpos) - $lowpos - 10); $fllpos = strpos($pdverb, 'temperatuur stijgt'); if ($fllpos !== false) { $trenda = "\n".'Rising'; } } else { $maxmin = substr($pdverb, $hghpos + 9, strpos($pdverb, ', maar ', $hghpos) - $hghpos - 9); $fllpos = strpos($pdverb, 'temperatuur daalt'); if ($fllpos !== false) { $trenda = "\n".'Falling'; } } } $pcppos = strpos($pdverb, 'Kans op neerslag '); if ($pcppos === false) { # hier zit nog ergens een grote fout $percntg = 0; $pladd = ""; } else { $percntg = str_replace("bijna 100", "100", str_replace("minder dan", "<", substr($pdverb, $pcppos + 17, strpos($pdverb, 'procent', $pcppos) - $pcppos - 17))); #dmprca = count($pamfind); #$ppnum = 0; #while ($ppnum < $dmprca) { # $pppos = strpos($lwrpdvb, strtolower($pamfind[$ppnum])); #if ($pppos === false) { # $ppnum++; # } else { # break; # } #} # $pladd = ' '.$pamshow[$ppnum].''; # if (strlen($pladd) < 11) { # $pladd = ""; # } # } else { # $pladd = ""; #} } $lkpos = strpos($lwrpdvb, "waarschijnlijk"); $chpos = strpos($lwrpdvb, "kans op"); $dmwxty = count($wxtype); $wxnum = 0; while ($wxnum < $dmwxty) { $wxpos = strpos($lwrpdvb, strtolower($wxtype[$wxnum])); if ($wxpos === false) { $wxnum++; } else { break; } } $cellwidth = $imgwidth + 10; $daytitle[$k]="\n"; $daytitle[$k].=''; $daytitle[$k].=$pdname; $daytitle[$k].=''; $daypictu[$k]="\n"; $daypictu[$k].=''; if ($daypd == '0') { $daypictu[$k].=''.$wxflwd[$wxnum].''; } else { $daypictu[$k].=''.$wxflwd[$wxnum].''; }; $daypictu[$k].=''; if ($lkpos !== false) { $dayverbi[$k]=$wxflwd[$wxnum].' waarschijnlijk'; } elseif ($chpos !== false) { $dayverbi[$k]='Kans op '.$wxflwd[$wxnum]; } else { $dayverbi[$k]=$wxflwd[$wxnum]; } $daytempr[$k]="\n"; if ($daypd == '0') { $daytempr[$k].=''; } else { $daytempr[$k].=''; }; $daytempr[$k].=''; $daytempr[$k].=$maxmin.'°'.$trenda; $daytempr[$k].=''; $dayprecp[$k]="\n"; $dayprecp[$k].=''; if ($percntg >= $boldpcp) { $dayprecp[$k].=''; } $dayprecp[$k].=$percntg.'%'; if ($percntg >= $boldpcp) { $dayprecp[$k].=''; } $dayprecp[$k].=$pladd; $dayprecp[$k].=''; $dayreman[$k]="\n"; $dayreman[$k].=''; $dayreman[$k].=$pdverb; $dayreman[$k].=''; $kcounter = $k; } if ($horizmax > $kcounter) { $horizmax = $kcounter; } $htbwidth = ($horizmax * (($imgwidth + 10) + 2)) + 2; $vrtwidth = (($imgwidth + 10) * 4) + 12 + $verbiwid; ?>

Gerard, thanks again for posting the modified code, I’m now trying to figure how to run it while waiting that Tom end Wx-Sim customization for my station.

I grabbed the latest Jordan files Version 1.51 - FINAL

To allow language translation I need to replace the file wsofd.php with Gerard supplied code modified to suit the language I need (Italian in my case)

I’m a little confused about the file wxtypedata.txt (see below) because is shorter than the one supplied by Gerard and the structure is a little strange, I think I must translate each word leaving unchanged -n, for example rain-d will be translated in pioggia-d, could somone of you confirm please ?



severe!tornado-d!tornado-n!Severe storm
showery or intermittent. Some thunder!showersstorms-d!showersstorms-n!Showers storms
thunder!thunderstorm-d!thunderstorm-n!Thunder storm
rain and sleet!rainsleet-d!rainsleet-n!Rain Sleet
freezing rain and snow!freezingrainsnow-d!freezingrainsnow-n!FrzgRn Snow
rain and snow!rainsnow-d!rainsnow-n!Rain and Snow
freezing rain!freezingrain!freezingrain!Freezing Rain
wind chill down to -!verycold!verycold!Very Cold
heat index up to 1!hot!hot!Very Hot
partly cloudy!partlycloudy-d!partlycloudy-n!Partly Cloudy
mostly cloudy!mostlycloudy-d!mostlycloudy-n!Mostly Cloudy
partly sunny!partlysunny-d!partlysunny-n!Partly Sunny
mostly sunny!mostlysunny-d!mostlyclear-n!Mostly Sunny
mostly clear!mostlysunny-d!mostlyclear-n!Mostly Clear
cloud!variableclouds-d!variableclouds-n!Variable Clouds


Im not sure if Gerards modification of the wsofd.php is working ok with Jordans version 1.51

When I tried to use the modificaion together with ver. 1.51 the forecast pics were wrong.

Thanks for your advice.

yes that is correct not yet for 1.151 because other images are used (I believe), so have to find that part out. maybe this weekend, or later next week.



Hi Gerard

Thanks for all your help - you really do a great job.

and see here a better way, when you grow older life can be simpler:

just change the string in the vertical.php file, so no problemes with the string lengths:

just a start, have to play with the kids now:

see here a modified vertical.php file for 1.5.1

have to change the day names, but that will be in the middle of this night. or earlier or???


<? echo $header; ?>

<?php $torpos1 = strpos($castpd[0], "tornado"); $torpos2 = strpos($castpd[1], "tornado"); if ($torpos1 !== false && $torpos2 !== false) { echo ''; } $r = 0; while ($r < count($daytitle)) { echo "\n"; echo ''; echo $daytitle[$r]; echo $daypictu[$r]; echo $daytempr[$r]; echo $dayprecp[$r]; # translation $dayreman = str_replace('Cloudy in the morning', 'Bewolkt in de morgen', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('becoming', 'overgaand in ', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('dense overcast', 'dichte bewolking', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('then', 'dan', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('the', 'de', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('afternoon', 'middag', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('cloudy', 'bewolkt', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Patchy', 'Gedeeltelijk', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('slight', 'kleine', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('light', 'lichte', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('fog', 'mist', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Partly', 'Gedeeltelijk', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('to', 'tot', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('gusting', 'windvlagen', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('mostly', 'overwegend', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('after', 'na', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('midnight', 'middernacht', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('morning', 'morgen', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Mostly', 'Overwegend', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('partly', 'gedeeltelijk', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Light', 'Lichte', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('moderate', 'matige', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('evening', 'avond', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Dense', 'Dichte', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('overcast', 'bewolking', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Moderate', 'Matige', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('dense', 'dichte', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('sunny', 'zonnig', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Rain likely', 'Grote kans op regen', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('rain', 'regen', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('A', 'Een', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('chance of', 'kans op', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('High', 'Maximum:', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Low', 'Minimum :', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('but', 'maar', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('temperatures falling', 'temperatuur daalt', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('temperatures rising', 'temperatuur stijgt', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('north', 'noord', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('nordeast', 'noordoost', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('east-', 'oost-', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('down ', 'daalt ', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('or ', 'of ', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('east ', 'oost ', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('southeast', 'zuidoost', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('southwest', 'zuidwest', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('south ', 'zuid ', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('south-', 'zuid-', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('around', 'rond', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('kph', 'km/uur', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Chance of precipitation', 'Kans op neerslag', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('near', 'bijna', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('percent', 'procent', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('less than', 'minder dan', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('snow', 'sneeuw', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Precipitation (liquid equivalent)', 'Neerslag (gesmolten)', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('between', 'tussen', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('and', 'en', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Precipitation', 'Neerslag', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('accumulation expected', 'ophoping verwacht', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Little', 'Weinig', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('no ', 'geen ', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('snow ', 'sneeuw ', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Snow accumulation', 'Sneeuw ophoping ', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('about', 'ongeveer', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('one', '1', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('overgaen', 'overgaand', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('soudoost', 'zuidoost', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('showery of intermittent', 'afwisselend droog met buien', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('No ', 'Geen ', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Fair ', 'Bijna geen bewolking ', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Cloudy', 'Bewolkt', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('calm', 'kalm', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Clear', 'Helder', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('clear', 'helder', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Sunny', 'Zonnig', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('dan a', 'dan een', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('ice', 'ijs', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('freezing', 'bevriezende', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('sleet', 'natte sneeuw', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('a mix of', 'een mix van', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('if any', 'tot geen', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('on ground', 'op de grond', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('patchy', 'gedeeltelijk', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Thunderstotrms likely, some possibly severe.', 'Kans op (zware) onweersbuien.', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Some thunder possible.', 'Kans op onweer. ', $dayreman); $dayreman = str_replace('Some thunderstotrms likely', 'Kans op onweersbuien ', $dayreman);

echo $dayreman[$r];
echo ‘

echo “\n”;

'."\n"; echo ''; echo 'A severe thunderstorm outbreak is likely in the next 24 hours. Tornadoes are a threat.'; echo "\n".'

<? echo $footer; ?>

and this time no change in wdsoft file or other files just in the vertical.php

see example:


Hi Gerard

Wow you are great.

Would you like to post the files that need to be changed for different language?

Im a little confused about which files to change - is it wsofd.php, wxtypedata.txt and vertical.php ?

Thank you very much for your help.