WXSIM-Lite Missing In Action

Either there is a lot of Sunspot activity happening, or I am just plain losing it.
Ever since the last Microsoft windows dreaded update, some settings on my Windows 11 computer have gotten crazy.

First, my “Quick Access” folders went missing, but I was finally able to find them.
Then when I clicked on the WXSIM folder, I was able to find the WXSIM.exe, WXSIMATE.exe, AUTOLEARN.exe files that were contained in the folder, however after several searches, the WXSIM-LITE.exe file is missing! also, I have a lot of extra files in there besides the usual .CSV, .TXT and the .WXF files, like .WXZ files that I don’t remember were in there before the update and are now included.

So, that brings me down to the dreaded idea that maybe I should go into the WXSIM DOWNLOADS site and attempt to reload the program for a fresh start that would have all the .exe components intact. (I should mention that the site works fine) However , Microsoft’s Windows Defender doesn’t! which after several attempts was not able to convince Defender nor McAfee to allow me to download it.

So, I am left with going back to the WXSIM Icons that were left on my computer’s desktop and reactivate them to my task bar, to enable me to restart my WXSIM forecasts. (less using WXSIM-Lite.)

If anyone has experienced something like these obstacles and found a solution, please let me know what worked for you.

Thanks !