wxsim-lite (gfs-lite and gfs missing for 2016-03-01-18z

Hi Tom and Sam, no 2016-03-01-18 available for wxsim-GFS and wxsin-GFS-Lite.
Bohler did though.

Just checked a couple of hours later and now it’s there, when it updated I’m not sure but was not there at time of normal run nor 30 mins later.


I’m seeing the same info as you. The 18Z data was not available for my 6PM and 8PM WxSim runs (the 12Z data was still there). However, for my 10PM run, the 18Z was finally available.


The same here this Morning.
Last run was 2016-03-01-18.
GFS and Lite runs from Bohler not actually.

Hi Tom and Sam,

Same again with 2016-03-02-00z (not available) only 2016-03-01-18z.

And Bohler is correct so envisage it’s a time / cron maybe issue with wsxim server.

If it’s any help - on 01/03/16 month changeover I had bulk issues locally with my core weather pc which where time related, rebooted everything and it stabilized though wonder if there was a net based time server issue which caused it and the SamBohler/Wxsim server has not rebooted since.

2 forecasts with old data - I’m switching to McMahon.


Maybe it has to do with the date 29.02?
with Weather Display there was also slight problems with this Date.

Owing to the time of day Globaly, (being Tom/Sam would be asleep) are there any users who have not had this issue ?


With ref to the date issue please also see: (post on other thread).


it seems to work again.
2016-03-02-06z. from Bohler Lite and GFS is available.
Missed the 00z


Hi Tom,

All running fine here for days now, No errors but this morning wxsim-Lite downloaded 20160307 06Z but reported it as bad (no errors thought).

No error on Forecast Run (using Bohler GFS).

Forecasts look good and MAE is reducing steadily each day :smiley:



Hey Tony,

Nice graph :smiley:


:smiley: yes Steve . Thanks to you. I see yours is trending down also matey.

Hi Tom,

Same again : No errors but this morning wxsim-Lite downloaded 20160308 06Z but reported it as bad (no errors thought).