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Who knows which script tell about wxsim forecast icon. In my friend website when temp in forecast is above 30C he has icon HOT, in my website even when temp in forecast is 34C never show hot, only sunny skc.jpg. How can J chaange it?

To diagnose the issue, we’d need to see both your website URL and your friend’s website URL.

WXSIM, by itself, only produces a text forecast. An icon-based forecast is produced by a script, and there are several, and we don’t know which script might be involved. Currently, the plaintext-parser.php script (mine) does not use a ‘hot’ icon, so I’m guessing that a different script (or mods to my script) might be involved. It’s impossible to say without seeing the URLs for the two websites.

My website is


my friend website


Your website is at: http://www.bestpalm.pl/pogoda/ not at http://www.bestpalm/pogoda]
Please click on a link when posting to check if you did not make a type error


These are your wxsim plaintext paser settings in http://www.bestpalm.pl/pogoda/plaintext-parser.php?sce=view

$showHumidex = true;                      // =true to display Humidex (Hdx), =false to suppress display
$showFrost = true;                        // =true to display frost, =false to suppress display
$showHeatIDX = true;                      // =true to display Heat-Index (HI), =false to suppress display
$showHotIconF = 100;                      // show Hot icon if Heat-Index >= value
$showHotIconC = 37.7;                     // show Hot icon if Humidex >= value

Your site will show HOT when the temp is above 37.7 degrees C

These are for the other site: Hosting Django, Ruby i Node.js - MyDevil.Net

$showHumidex = true;                      // =true to display Humidex (Hdx), =false to suppress display
$showFrost = true;                        // =true to display frost, =false to suppress display
$showHeatIDX = true;                      // =true to display Heat-Index (HI), =false to suppress display
$showHotIconF = 80;                      // show Hot icon if Heat-Index >= value
$showHotIconC = 26.7;                     // show Hot icon if Humidex >= value

This site displays the word HOT when it is 26.7 or above.

Change the line in your settings to a low value to see if the word HOT is there and if the HOT icon will be there then also.

Succes, Wim

Thanks for Help. J changed it but till now my website disappear

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Check for a typo in what you just changed. There is now an error.

  • Jim

That means you have a typing error in plaintext-parser.php

Please check carefully the two lines you have changed!
Check if you maybe typed a comma and not a point.

This link should display the source when there is no typing error left: http://www.bestpalm.pl/pogoda/plaintext-parser.php?sce=view
Because it does not load anything else.


http://www.Monday: Partly to mostly sunny in the morning, becoming sunny in the afternoon.
Monday forecast: Unusually hot. High 31. Humidex up to 34. UV index up to 5. Wind south-southwest around 2 m/s.marcindobrowolsk.2ap.pl/plaintext.txt

Monday forecast: Monday: Sunny. Near record warmth. High 31. Wind south-southwest around 7 mph, gusting to 15 mph.

If you compare those two files, certain sentences are missing form yours.
The hot texsts are based on Humidex up to xx and Heat index up to xx
As long as they are not included by WXSIM, the icons and texts with HOT will not be generated by the plaintext-parser script.

When you got WXSIM to include those sentences, you have to change one line in your plaintext-parser.php script.
You are using .gif icons and the plaintext-parser scripts generates code for .jpg icons.

   // override icon with hot.jpg if high heat-index or humidex 
   if($WXSIMheatidx[$i] >= $showHotIconF or $WXSIMhumidex[$i] >= $showHotIconC) {
	   $WXSIMicon[$i] = 'hot.jpg';
	   $WXSIMcond[$i] .= "
\n<span style=\"color:red;\"><strong>" . PPget_lang('Hot!') . "</strong></span>";

So change that hot.jpg to hot.gif

Succes, Wim

Thanks for help

J changed icon for hot.gif.
J started new forecast where humidex on monday is above 34C ( J see on http://bestpalm.pl/pogoda/lastret.txt) and still don`t have Hot icon

Are we talking about the same page on your website?

The file lastret.txt is NOT used on this page http://www.bestpalm.pl/pogoda/wxsimforecast.php
This page loads as processing script as shown in the html source of the page:

<!-- plaintext-parser.php Version 1.30 - 30-Dec-2013 -->

The plaintext parser script: http://www.bestpalm.pl/pogoda/plaintext-parser.php?sce=view

  1. uses plaintext as data file http://www.bestpalm.pl/pogoda/plaintext.txt
  2. and scans at lines 517-525 for the words Heat index up to or Humidex up to:
 // extract Heat Index value
 if (preg_match('|Heat index up to (\d+)\.|i',$WXSIMtext[$i],$mtemp) ) {
   $WXSIMheatidx[$i] = $mtemp[1];

// extract Humidex value
 if (preg_match('|Humidex up to (\d+)\.|i',$WXSIMtext[$i],$mtemp) ) {
   $WXSIMhumidex[$i] = $mtemp[1];

If you check your data file plaintext.txt yourself you will see that those words are not in your plaintext.txt file.
So the words HOT and the hot icon will not be shown by the script.

Check the file from the other site: http://www.marcindobrowolsk.2ap.pl/plaintext.txt and you will find Humidex up to 35. and Humidex up to 36.


Hi Wim
Thanks that you want to Help me.
The question is why my wxsim forecast dont show in plaintext that humidex will be up to 34C if it realy will be on monday.

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That is why you should rephrase this question on ask it at another place: in the WXSIM forum http://discourse.weather-watch.com/c/29

The WXSIM specilists do not know that you have a question about the WXSIM program itself when you post it in the [b]" Creating Weather Web Sites

Of course J will do it

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You should first check these settings in wxsim:

J have check hit index so J changed for humidex.

If J would like to depend hot icon not from humidex but from temperature what should J do? Is it possible ?

Did you ALSO set a checkmark at “Allow descriptions

It will not work without checking that.

If J would like to depend hot icon not from humidex but from temperature what should J do? Is it possible ?
I do not know. There is no clean text for the plaintext parser to test on.


you are great. It is work correctly. How do you know such many thinks about it?

By reading the code, as I do already for nearly 50 years.

Succes, Wim