Wxsim Data Entry Cloud Coverage Assessment

Hello all,

I have been noticing that on occasion the cloud cover assessment from the “WXSIM Data Entry” screen has been giving inaccurate readings at the time of forecasts.
As an example, today when my 11 AM forecast ran, the cloud coverage observation said Overall Sky conditions were Mostly cloudy with 69 % Level 1 coverage, however the skies over my Weather station were clear with no clouds at all!

I checked my settings and my WXSIM is set to obtain information from my station’s solar and UV sensors, which are clear of any obstructions ( shadows ) including obstruction on the lenses themselves.
Readings at the time of forecast observation were 770 W/m2, UV 4.2

I also checked the conditions of my METAR station just in case it for some reason was picking the data from there, and skies there were also clear at that time.

Just wanted to know if anyone else has observed this issue.
As I said, this seems to be an occasional occurrence, so it may be hard to spot unless you routinely observe WXSIM’s Cloud coverage observation at the time of your scheduled forecasts.
I would have thought that it might have been an intermittent problem with the sensors, if it weren’t for the fact that I was receiving Solar and Uv readings at the exact time.

Many thanks,