WXSIM and thunder


Have now set cloud/rain to 0% and GFS percip bias are 100.
Last GFS-meteogram have 13 mm rain for wednesday + thursday where 3 hour-staples are 0.25mm or more, WXSIM plaintext shows less tyhan 2mm , lastret shows 1.3 mm.
WXSIM shows no thunder either for those days (tscd as most 201), GFS have CAPE > 1000J and Lifted down to -4.



Can you send me the latest.wxf, custinit.txt, and wdata.txt files for that run? I don’t understand why the amounts wouldn’t agree almost exactly with the GFS data. I need to check into this.



Hi Tom,
any indication about the precipitation intensity Skew? (my is setted to 2, gfs precip intesity is setted to 90 and now I adjusted to 100)

ps: I never installed 12.8.8, for me 12.8.7 with clouding to 35 is going quite well…


Hi Sante,

The skew part is the hardest to determine (it’s even hard to explain!). It takes a lot of data to provide evidence for any setting far from zero. If I recall correctly, I had weak evidence for a slightly positive value (of 2, I think) from about a year of data I collected a few years ago (maybe combined with something I had read - hard to remember now!). I have now changed it to 1 as a default, because I think GFS has gotten better as they continue to refine it. In any case, the differences are getting pretty small. Just stay away from any extreme settings with any of these adjustments.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


ok Tom,
so to recap: due to gfs possible enhanced in last year is better to test:

  • gfs clouds adjustment (from -3 in my case to -2 or -1 or zero)
  • gfs precipitation (from 90 in my case to 93 or 95)
  • gfs precipitation skew (from 2 in my case to 1)