Since I have completed moving all my weather data to a new computer, I have a small problem with the wxraindetail.php. The second day registers 0.38 inches of rain when it should be 0.04. The Weather Display shows the correct data, however the rain detail page still shows 0.38 as I cannot change it.

Any help here would be appreciated,


Windows 11 home.
weather display 10.37s151

What’s the URL for your page?

Front range weather.net

I make changes that work but the next day the change is back toe here it was.

That is not a weather page?

the reason the value is wrong is that climatedataout.html is showing 0.38 for the second of the month and the wxraindetail.php is using the climatedataout.html for rain values except for current day
check your log file 42024lg.txt for that value at 00:00 on the second and the value at 23.59 on the second correct if wrong and recreate graph file then goto ave/extem page and refresh climatedata

Thank you for your input. I found that the log file for April was corrupted. The data started with the first of the month, then went to the second and back to the first 3 times. Took awhile to edit but worked great.

Thanks again