For some reason my rain chart is showing .10 rain today. We havent had any rain in 20+ days. WD isnt showing any rain for the day. Where is the rain chart getting that data from, and how would i correct it? Thanks, Mark.


Now the script is showing no rain for yesterday after the change at midnight. But, now its showing .48 of rain for today. #-o When the script isnt suppose to update till midnight.


Me again… :lol:

This script gets it data from http://www.snoqualmieweather.com/dailynoaareport.htm for the current month. At work, but there is a way to correct your rain data within WD. Check here: http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/27619


LOL…Hello again.

Its been doing this for the last few days now. When midnight comes it clears it for that day and moves it to the next. WD itself is not recording any rain. I’ll look at my NOAA reports when I get home and see what it says. Hopefully once i clear it out, it wont happen the next day again.

and look at this…

21 52.9 70.0 14:07 44.4 01:07 12.0 00.0 00.48 01.0 10.4 19:17 NNW

The time 14:07 hasnt even occured yet… very odd…None of them readings for the 21st are correct.

And im getting this on my history page…

Daily Rain Totals
00.48 in. on day 21
00.08 in. on day 22