hi all,

vers 9.28d now
Wxlocal gives only one line of text
(from about 7 at download)
back to 9.25x it works well
something changed on wxlocal settings ?

averages/extremes gives me const zero mm of rain
over all the days and doesn’t add the day to overall file

rain rate seems to be quitte to zero al the time

ftp working good now … :wink:

hi ed
zip and email me your 112002lg.txt file from the folder logfiles
as for wxlocal.html
nothing changed there


wxlocal working good now

i noticed you don’t recieve my emails
is it still [email protected] ?
if so I don’t know what’s happening with
the mail

yes, that is the email
but maybe you have a virus, and your emails are being blocked by my ISP???

I have here Sophos AV
so it’s all defensed

but even without att it doesn’t reach you