WXblog Spam

Anyone else seeing an increase in the amount of spam in their WordPress Blog? How do I combat this?


Check out this thread last thread on 1st page. The akismet plugin you can activate if you login and go to your settings.



Another reason for Blogger, I have it set to require Captcha and email me for approval for any comments before they are posted…


akismet blocks all the spam on my blog with any effort. I don’t use a Captcha there either.

I occasionally use the admin pannel and just delete all the marked spam and its gone.

It is never displayed on the blog.

This is exactly how I have my Wordpress blog set up. I prefer to approve comments prior to posting. My captcha catches the majority of all spam although on occasion I still get some.

The problem that I have with captcha is accessibility. I have many websites which cater to people with disabilities and they clearly have problems dealing with the captcha characters. Heck, I know fully sighted users that have problems with them. (like me!).

Using the play the sounds thing works great if your computer is setup to do that, but again, many of those same users that have trouble dealing with the captcha itself also don’t have computers setup to do that properly.

This becomes a major issue when dealing with support forms where the center is trying to reduce phone calls by having people use their website for assistance… When they can’t enter the form because they can’t get past the captcha then the whole support structure falls apart.

So I have to toss captcha’s for those types of sites and use other techniques instead. akismet is one of them which is where you use akismet to check form data from a non-blog system.

Also, captcha’s are getting broken all over the place. recaptcha seems the best, but is also one of those that people have trouble reading and dealing with.

Use akismet plugin to stop spammers: http://akismet.com/

Also use my 5 star rated SI Captcha for Wordpress plugin:

It is accessibility friendly with audio captcha. Has several language translations. I use it without registration required and do not get spam. I have my blog set to “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” so the fist comment will require my approval.

I get ZERO spam

I have only had the blog setup for a couple days on my web site, www.weybourneweather.co.uk , and I have set it to require approval for users first post as per the last message. So far no spam, mind you the spammers might not have found it yet!! I’ll let you know if any appears


I’ve installed the Akismet plugin…as everyone else, this “should” take care of the spamming.