Wx Underground upload times

I noticed that with the release of V9.91a, the upload times for WxUnderground are now varying from the setup times within WD.

For example - I have upload times set for 0, 15, 30 and 45 minutes past each hour, but today, they are being uploaded (accoridng to the time stamps on WxUnderground) as:


Whilst not a problem, is there a problem since this version that is causing this variation in times?

the time stamps shown on the WU site are the times that they received the information
i.e there clock is 2 minutes or so slower than your PC clock

I could possibly understand that if I wasn’t using AboutTIme to re-set the server clock every 60 minutes…I just found it odd that up to and prior to v9.91a it was always spot on - since then it varies from 1 to 2 minutes early…

not being extremely knowledgable yet, i would check my ftp log to see if your computer is uploading according to its clock. If you log says right then i’d just go with that and let underground reset their clocks

the ftplog.txt file logs the time the agenda was run

the ftplog.txt file logs the time the agenda was run

Except the log only contains todays data :frowning: - since the upgrade to 9.92a, however, it has been bak on time - so, whatever happened, only happened between 9.91a and 9.92a…

nothing changed in WD at all to do with WU between those version numbers

Hmmm well not sure what happened then - things came good at 21:45 on Sept 25th

Interesting to not, however, that I just checked AboutTime on the W2K Server and it wouldn’t updatefrom the Optus Time Server here - when I did a check on it, it’s IP number had changed - BUT it only appied a 6 ms time correction - miniscule.

Anyway - appears to be back to normal…