Wx Underground not updating and graph anomolies

Noticed that last night Wx Underground stopped reporting line values (ie the text values) after the 0015 report. BUT the graphs are up to date ie they have continued to show data. So obviously data is going through.

Does anyone know (Brian? ) if the two displays use the same data? Or if anyone else has noticed a similar problem (I can’t locate an email address on WxUnderground to ask/report this to.

Also - got up this morning and noticed a sudden drop in the grap (main WD screen) of air pressure from 1023 to 1007 hPa - this was shown at around 7am. Version, at that time was 9.92b. Gaphs affected were pressure, temp, humidity - everything.

http://racetime.com.au/?page=weather&sub=details will show what I mean by the sudden changes in reported values.

When I also noticed the WxUnderground problem I DL and installed 9.92c and now the graphs are showing a much higher air pressure up to the point I start WD and then it resets itself back to normal.

So - not sure if these two are connected ot even connected with the midnight crash others are reporting…

Station is a WM-918 running on a W2k Advanced Server (hehe - the Wx station and a print server are the only things running on the machine :slight_smile: )

On the WxUnderground problem - it started reporting the line values at 10:00 am again http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/WXDailyHistory.asp?ID=IVICFERN1

The new version was installed at 9:05am - so should have done the 9:15, 9:30 and 9:45 uploads but no data shown.