I am using kens wu-forecast.php script and have noticed that after 9pm it switches to the next days forecast. This means that the night time forecast isn’t included.

Is there anyway to get the script to include the night time forecast throughout the night?

The wunderground forecast I use is at: http://www.wunderground.com/q/zmw:00000.7.03874

The WU-forecast.php script reads the 7-day forecast icons/text from the page, and it always starts with a day-forecast.
That forecast was used instead of the one shown at the top of the page as the “Weather at a Glance” area only included a maximum of 5 days and no text details for the night-time forecast period.

WU rolls the forecast to a new day (likely at your 9pm local in the UK) and that’s why the rest of your ‘tonight’ forecast doesn’t show, but instead the tomorrow daytime forecast is first-up in the 7-day forecast.

I’m not aware of any method to force the WU to have a ‘tonight’ as the first forecast in the 7-day forecast period.

Our NWS does update USA forecasts 4 times a day, and the first icon is always for the next 6hr period (Today, This Afternoon, Evening, Tonight). WU is not so accommodating :frowning: