wunderground webcam

Has anyone had trouble getting their webcam to upload. My last upload was July 11th but I haven’t touched anyone on the program in a month. It runs on its own laptop that I never touch. Anything I can check to make sure my stuff is still working or is it wunderground? I am running 10.37S Build 113

wunderground often has problems with web cams
so if nothing has changed on your end, then its a problem on their end

WU stopped my Webcam Intergration on July 10 2020 22:59:


In the ‘My Devices’ Tab the webcam is being shown as offline (not true).

Is it just your webcam? I get error 404 if I try to look at your WUnderground page.

There is another way to get a webcam onto WU: upload the .jpg to your server and tell WU where to find it. Works for me at
https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/IEDINBUR98 :slight_smile:

Same here, but I did hit the test button in the control panel & it uploaded one image but nothing since.


Sounds good to me where do I find how to change the settings ?, is it on wunderground site, or is it in WD ?.


It’s on WUnderground, but I don’t know if you can change the settings or if you have to add it. See here for an earlier discussion.

BTW I don’t use WD to upload the webcam.jpg: I used to use Yawcam but now I use iSpy.

As of midnight last night my webcam is now working on weather wunderground, how long for I don’t know. I did not change/alter anything it just started working.


Like Brian said, if you haven’t changed anything it’s usually a WU problem :slight_smile:

12:41PM Monday, 27JUL2020.

WUnderground Webcams working again with uploads from WD. A couple of weeks ago…they were not uploading…

Mine still working as of last week, but they jump back & forward time wise a bit. but it sort of works.