Wunderground rain values

When WD sends rain amounts to WU does it send two files?..daily rain (for history Page) and then rain last hour for current conditions page? I have noticed that it doesn’t seem to send the last hours rain, it sends amounts measured since last transmission. When that is done it doesn’t reflect the heaviness of rain on the current conditions page…EX. I had 0.73" in about 40 min…at about 10 min after the rain stopped, on WU it showed no rain in last hour on current conditions page. I understand and know how much rain I have had, but someone just browsing and looking on the current conditions page as most people do, would not see any rain at all. I don’t know how hard it is to do differently, and maybe this should be under suggestions. Our local NWS office pulls the current conditons lines for all the PWS in thier area every 15 min. They don’t get a good reflection either by pulling that data. I don’t know if it is a WU or WD issue.

Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees, but there is tick on the Wunderground page under Control Panel for “always send last 60 min of rain”…so my question is answered.