Wunderground conditions & Clouds

Hi Brian !

   Is it calf time now?...if so I hope all goes well. This is actually a two part "wish" list!....I have noticed that when wd reports to wunderground using downloaded metars as conditions, it reports conditions & clouds as the same. Any way to have the two separate? (example: if it's overcast and raining, wd reports -RN -RN ......should be... -RN OVC)
  Also, since I live over 30mi. from the closest metar site,  I am forced to use my own icon a lot of the time to more closely reflect my actual conditions. This as of present reports nothing to wunderground. I know there is a place to "tick" clouds in the wunderground setup, but this is not practical if I'm not home, or to have to do every 1/2 hr. If wd could do this for me......that would be nice!  (P.S. same thing for Hamweather.....I don't ask for much, do I ? Ha-Ha!)

ok, i see what i can do…soon…