Wunderground and Nighttime cloud sensor conditions [RESOLVED]


I have noticed nightime cloud conditions are not being sent properly. :frowning:
I am using:

WD 10.37Q build 69
WU Rapidfire
VP2 wireless w/ VP solar and a one-wire nighttime cloud sensor
Unticked <use this metar for local sky/icon conditions (and wunderground sky conditions)>

During the day, WD displays and sends correct cloud conditions to wunderground. Works Great! :smiley:

During nighttime, when the cloud sensor takes over, WD displays the correct text and icon but, “BKN” is always sent to Wunderground; regardless of station or metar conditions.

I verified this over the course of several days(when the weather would cooperate) through Wunderground history and setup.
I hit:
and reopened the setup screen and looked at the data string at the bottom of the screen.


Well, without changing anything, I saw something different tonight. I guess reporting “CLR” reset something because anything other than “CLR” is not reported now.

WU string.PNG


Anyone else having this problem? or have I misconfigured something? :?

I have seen this before with something like cloudy or partly cloudy not being received or interpreted. Last night I’m not sure what the conditions were through the night but just a few times it showed CLR but mostly blank.

would depend on your solar settings…for the night time settings…
does the weather condition in WD itself show OK (i.e the main screen icon) at night time?

I see the problem
use a new .zip update, ready now

There seems to be an issue with “Mostly Clear” or another? as it draws a blank too. Most other conditions are now recorded - see the second image. I updated WD at 6:38pm. I think the same condition is missed at daytime as well.



I recorded “CLR” and “FEW” last night, which seems to be working. Hopefully, we will have a chance tommorrow night to see “SCT”,“BKN” and “OVC” RAIN!
During the day, it seems to be working for me.

Thank you, Windy for looking at this.

so its working correctly for you thac but not always for yuor Tokkiwi?
maybe check your thresholds Tokkiww, and also you can get WD to log the raw data about it
set logging of raw data under setup , advanced/misc (shows up under view, WS2010/Ws2500 setup)

I forced the values on the thresholds and got all 5 conditions. It seems to be working for me.

I’m sure the nighttime cloud sensor sky conditions tags were working correctly for me last night. All the lines were filled in byu the end and all conditioons indicated too.

I had restarted with the new version but the replacement 2nd temp sensor did not get saved - three times now. The old one went west with the wind, and it (WD) doesn’t seem to save the new replacement ROM ID even after you enter it and then it is saved and then registered in that position. The old “missing” one keeps coming back. I will try and find them in the registry, change it with WD down and then restart.


you need to make changes to the wd 1 wire reader program when WD is not running
(due to the memory buffered ini file now)
(ie run that program manually after exiting WD)

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