WS2500 does not work


i tried to connect my new ELV WS-2500 to your Software. But it does not work. I simply see no reaction in weather display.
Weather Display Version is 9.28 from 9. November 22:03.
Operating System is Windows 2000 including actual patches.

I tried to find out something with a multimeter. It looks like PC would talk to WS-2500 and WS-2500 is answering. But the answer is not recognized by the PC. COM-Port is ok because other hardware is working with it.

Can you help me?

there seems to be a difference between ELV 2300 and 2350 and the La Crosse 2310 on the data protocol…
it may only be a small difference

email me direct and lets see what we can do…
[email protected]


I have determined now that this station, the ELV WS2500
has a similar data protocol to the WS2000 type station, but there are significant differences

In the new year I will be using the help of someone in Germany to add support for this station.


I already told you that it is no problem.
Mail me, and if its possible you will get the help you need.
You already got my mail-adress.

Greetings and merry Christmas from Germany