WS2310 wind sensor

I recently had to repair my WS2310 wind sensor cable when it broke while moving the sensor pod (ok, I stapled it oops ) .

I found a 4-pin connector the right size and crimped it carefully with the proper tool (sometimes it’s nice to work for the phone company), paying careful attention to wire placement.

Unfortunately my wind sensor no longer reports data. What I am wondering is if a standard telephone connector just won’t work because of some small dimensional difference or perhaps if the wire used in the LaCrosse cables is just very resistant to crimp connections.

I am going to re-trim the wire and try again, but the wisdom and advice found here is always greatly appreciated. If this doesn’t work I guess I can order a new cable from LaCrosse, even though I really only need 5 feet of wire.

I have always had trouble crimping connectors on telephone lines. I usually have a 30% failure rate.
Is there any way you can verify the connector you used is conducting?