WS2310 time sync

I have the WS2310 weather station interfaced with WD and Homeseer. One of the features of the 2310 is to have the time sync with the national time on the unit itself. Is it possible to have an option in weather display to sync the time from the WS2310 weather station and update the computer clock too? My computer is not on line all the time however it is up 24x7 hrs and would be nice to keep its time up to the minute. Just kind of a wish.
Thanks Dave

From the WD Help Pages at:

To assure that weather observations from your station have the same time and date as others around the world.

Go to the Setup menu and select “Enter Barometer Offset, other offsets, and Rainfall”.

On this page, you can tick if you want weather display to synchronize your PC clock via the internet (you need to have the FTP program set up for this; i.e the ISP selected or the cable modem option selected). The time sync occurs very 6 hours, at 30 minutes past the hour.

Alternatively you can use the clock offset , which is added/subtracted every hour if your PC clock looses/gains time (weather display does not use the time from the weather station).

at times the internet site i have been using has been down…

but yes i could add to get the time from the 2310 as an option…

Thanks, I will be looking forward to the option, when you have time to incorporate it. Dave…

Brian: The latest version 9.81 sets the system clock with the ws2310 only with minutes and seconds as it says on the screen. I have had this problem happen twice since I installed it. The clock when it resets it is almost a half hour ahead of the real time. Is it possible to make it change the hours also. I tried to turn off the option on ws2310 data sync and it did not work it still messed up my computers time. I just downloaded 9.82 and dont know if that helped or not. Thanks Dave…

i have spent a fair bit of time getting the hour to decode as well, and have succeded
i have also added more quality checks

uploading a new version 9.83e now where this feature will be OK

Brian: I finally downloaded the latest version. 9.84. I went to ws2310 data setup and told it to sync now with the ws2310 and when it synced the hour was set to one hour behind the actual time. (present time say 11:10am after sync 10:10am) must still be some bugs or it is not catching daylight savings time. Let me know if you see the same… Thanks Dave…

it uses the hour shown on the console (should do)
look under view, program error log to see what it up to when it does it

Brian Here is what I get.

****decoding 2310 time
time sec 0 48
time sec 1 58
time min 1 7
time min 2.0
time hour 2 38
time hour 2 113
new hour= 19
new minute= 7
new seconds= 4

Only problem is the consol was showing 8:07 pm. I also tried it in the 24 hour mode and got the same thing it set the computer time 1hour behind. I am on daylight saving time if that makes any difference?

Let me know what you find when you have time… Thanks Dave…

Brian: sorry but 9.84c still does the same thing with the time. It sets the computer clock behind one hour. right now I am using the sync now button to set the clock. I dont know if the set every six hours does this or not. Is there another setting I need to check? Thanks Dave…

it must be using non daylight saving time
i will look for another time info in the system data…
when i get back home tomorrow…

the only other time records dont have seconds, so i have to use this one
BUT i have added a hour offset now to use in the data logger setup, so set that to 1 , and click on OK

Thanks Brian: I will download and give it a try… Dave…

Brian: So far the hour offset works fine when syncing manually. I will try the set the pc clock every six hours soon and see if that works. Should I keep the hour offset set too? That is my plan. Thanks Dave…

if manaul works ok, then auto should too
good luck

Brian: the new version 9.84e has been working great with the time sync. I have it chcked to radjust every 6hrs and so far no problems. Thanks again… Dave…

good news :slight_smile: