Hello all,
I use a Lacrosse WS2300.
Normally, when I use the Lacrosse software (HeavyWeather), it scans the station every x minutes (customized).

When I use Weather Display, what is the timescale for station scanning ?
When I logoff Weather Display (and the computer), what is the internal timescale for station aquisition ?

Thank you for your help.

wd looks for new data every 6 sconds
but if you are wireless, then you need to tick that option in the weather station setup so that wd checks less often (as it gets windier it checks more often)

When I logoff, how often the station backup information ?

you set that in the datalogger setup (under control panel)…the data loggin interval (1 minute is good for integraton with WD, but that means only 175 minutes).
best if you can leave the pc and wd running…


and the other thing to fine tune is the barometer offset needed in the data logger setup (as the baro reading from the ws2300 in the history data is different from that in the live data (it uses the raw unadjusted sea level reading i think)

Hi there

I received my 2300 and WD just last weekend so I apologise for any silly questions :slight_smile: Basically I have a couple of additional questions regarding setting up the 2300 and WD. My intention is as follows:

  1. To have my computer and WD running and recording data as often as possible.
  2. To use the 2300’s internal storage as a backup if/when an outage occurs or I have to turn off my computer for maintenance.

Question 1: Given #2 I’d like to set the data logging interval to be able to record at least 24 hours of data so I’d like a longer interval than a minute. What would I lose if I don’t have it set to a longer time? You mention it’s better to have it set to one minute but I wasn’t sure why.

Question 2: When the inevitable outage occurs, can I simply go to the datalogger setup and say import and it will merge the data from the 2300 into the current logs? I assume I would need to force the graphs to reread the log data?

Thanks for your help! WD is a great application by the way. I do find myself wishing for bad weather though!

  • Andrew

yes, you could use 10 minutes logging interval
there are only 175 or so data records that can be recorded
so, 175 x 10 minutes 1750 minutes, i.e 29 hours

in wd, in the data logger setup, set the interval for data pad out to 10 minutes

but, in the latest version of wd, you can instead get heavy weather to download the missing data, then do a export of that data to a .txt logfile, then
trim that log file to make sure it just has the missing data, then import that log file for the data logger setup (and check the settings needed (like , metric, etc)

otherwise wd will know when it was last running and download the data, if you have the switch ON
the whole import of the data is slow from the ws2310
i am planning on speeding it up

Thanks. Just to clarify, if I set the 2300 to record only every 15-30 mins, it’s still ok to have WD retrieve the data every minute is it? When Wd is up and running, I’d like to get the new data as often as possible - I just want the 2300 to be able to store 1-2 days worth of data for emergencies.

  • Andrew

yes, its ok
you just neeed to set the data pad out in wd to match, in the data logger setup

when live, wd gets the data every 6 seconds (wired)