Ws2300 and graph time delay


on the last wd 79e graph time delay is not ok
and it dosn’t work on weekly graph.
Before i was able to see on the main scream that i stop wd for ex. 1 hour But I havn’t seen it on the 3 days graph or the week graph - so it seams that grapgtime delay is onle working on the main scream


yes, sorry about that, it only works with the main screen 12 hour graph…just the way i set it up…

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


yeah,but with a ws2310 and the data history retreival, you should not loose too much data…and none at all if wd is left running all the time…???

Hi Brian

My problem is when I use my ham-radio I make interferrens on the WS 2300 - so I always shut down the WD - when I work on the radio…

I think it could be nice if I could see those breaks on the graf - and see the real dates on the graf, so people who are watching my homepage will nok receive/see the wrong grafs.


ah, and so even using the history retrieval is no good as the data is bad…
the problem is i have not stored the time in the grpah hisotry files, and i cant now…otherwise everyones files would not be compatible

maybe use the ws2310 in wired mode, and RF baluns?


it is in wired mode, and i use RF baluns.


oh, there goes that suggestion then!