WS2010 - Straight Lining


Ref: i see it has done it agian bob
also, if you go to view, graph history, then have ticked 24 or 48 or 72 horu graph, does it look ok?

Yes the 24, 48 72 all look OK.


thats good those graphs are ok, as someone is reporting they are not…

After moving my computer interface away from the computer as far as possible, I stopped having loss of outdoor temp data. Great. However, the new symptom I have been seeing for a couple months now is loss of all data.

I can workaround the failure by removing the batteries, and then starting up the unit. The data loss problem seems to start most frequently at around 10pm or 3am. Some of each. I remembered I had the minimize and free memory option checked, so I decided to try turning that off.

I am currently running ver 9.79. Since upgrading to 9.79, the failure rate has increase to almost daily. Previously, I was running 9.74d. The failure rate then was about once a week.

I had been assuming all along it was the crummy hardware quality of the Lacrosse WS2010. Maybe that is the problem, I don’t know. Anyone else see this problem?

it might be wd, the straight lining
as wd needs to reply to the data logger within 0.7 seconds
and so i might have added a bit too much code in to the ws2000 routine, and upset the beast
anyone else get this flat lining the with ws2010-13 data logger like this?

what speed CPU?

My trailer in my post: Pentium 3-700 Mhz (P3-700), sorry I thought that would be enough to id my CPU (been working too long in the computer biz).

i missed that…
so does the flat linning occur after any particular event or update?

Not sure what you mean by event or update. The flatlining has been consistent in that I loose data from all instruments until I do the battery removal reset. It has some correlation to time of day.

You can view the graphs on my webpage,

Sorry, I forgot to include the url in the original post. Is there any other data I can send?

next time it happens, try exiting wd for 15 minutes , instead of removing the batteries

a good tip is to use a RF balun around the serial cable from the datalogger

The RF balun is a good suggestion. I made a 20ft serial cable for the unit, and have the wires wrapped many times around a ferrite. Since adding the balun (ferrite), I have not seen the symptom where ONLY loss of outdoor temp data occurs. However, now when it fails, I loose data for all devices.

It has not failed since I unchecked the free memory and minimize program daily options in the About menu.

I will be away for a couple weeks and will provide an update later this month.