WS-3610 and Vista 64

I’m trying to get this to work with Vista 64. I’m using a Iogear USB to serial converter. It works on my laptop with Vista 32 but it doesn’t pull the data in 64. Anyone get it working in 64?

possibly a timing problem with Fetch3600

what shows in the out3600.txt file?

Blank file.

given the “vista 32 compatible” box on the documentation for the adapter, it is likely not compatible with vista 64.

Hmmm they have a 64 bit driver and it says its working properly but no data happens.

what speed pc?
most likely a timing problem with the open3600 fetch3600 program
there was a thread about command line options to get the fetch3600 program to use different timing

Intel quad core Q9550 2.83ghz. Well I did try this other weather software called WUHU and it gave me this error.

Tue Mar 10 10:02:59 2009 > Opened serial port COM3 successfully.
Tue Mar 10 10:03:02 2009 > User has skipped initial boot up pause. Proceeding to history retrieval immediately.
Tue Mar 10 10:03:03 2009 > The console’s clock time (00:00) and the PC’s clock time (10:03) are not set to within 1 minute of each other. The difference in seconds is 292755783.
Tue Mar 10 10:03:03 2009 > If you do not synchronize the clocks, your PC’s weather history data may be out of sync with your console’s history data.
Tue Mar 10 10:03:03 2009 > Cannot retrieve console history because the PC clock and console clock are too far out of sync.
Tue Mar 10 10:03:03 2009 > Console history was not read completely. 0 records were collected. 0 records were stored. 0 records were uploaded. 0 records were uploaded to Hamweather
Tue Mar 10 10:03:42 2009 > Communications error or invalid/corrupt data retrieved from console.
Tue Mar 10 10:03:57 2009 > Communications error or invalid/corrupt data retrieved from console.

It reads the console as having a time of 00:00 even though I set the correct date. I tried WD and it doesn’t read the data either. Vista 32 on my laptop does but it would be ideal to use my desktop since its on all day/night.

So it is either a 64 bit issue or a timing issue, or both. :frowning:

it will be a timing issuse ,as the 3600 station uses non standard communications, where timing is important
( note, that does not mean the time on the console matching the pc)

k, I looked for the topic you mentioned about fixing the timing but couldn’t find the workaround. Any ideas?

How do I adjust the timing?

i had same problem . I call davis . I talk to there tech he told me thier data logger was not compatible to 64 bit systems. I’m using an older computer win. 98 . No problem
copy this out fo there book
— …

not related

different weather station hardware, different problems

Still hoping to get this to work in Vista 64.