Any one have any idea why, when the PC and the base station have the date set to 1/4/06, the last record retrieved by Heavy Weather is 24 hours ahead, i.e., 1/5/06?

Possibly a time zone issue? Is HeavyWeather storing data in UTC/GMT? If you’re behind UTC/GMT then it will store a day ahead for part of your day.

That’s the first thing that occured to me, too. So I went through the setup of the base station to make sure. It is set to -5 for the time zone (ET) with DST on. I’m sure that’s correct.

I wonder if you’ve got the console AND WD both compensating for time zone and ending up with a double whammy adjustment of 10 hours?

When I checked the data records in the base station last night with Heavy Weather the last record that was received was almost exactly 24 hours ahead.

Weird 8O

It gets weirder. Here’s a copy of the last record of a saved text file:

30.06 73.5 40 30.9 70 22.2 12.1 14.0 NNE 0.99 18:52 05.01.2006

In Heavy Weather under history the To: date/time is 18:52 on 06.01.06 and after clicking the show history button the last record also has 18:52 on 06.01.06. I guess the data is being exported correctly, but that wrong date is really puzzling.

i would double check the time/date on the console of the weather station again

Are you SURE you have the date set correctly on the console? The ws2310 console displays the date as DD/MM (for us US folk it’s backwards :wink:)

I had it set so today so that it showed 1.6.06. From what you’ve said, this is incorrect and it should be 6.1.06.

As I said in the previous post, I set it to 6.1.06 yesterday. Today it read 1.7.06. I’m guessing it retrieves the date along with the time form the server in Colorado.

I just received this from LaCrosse:

“The current version of Heavy Weather contains a bug which can cause the date
to display incorrectly on your history; this typically resolves on its own in a
couple days. This issue has been reported to our developers, and it should be
fixed in the next release of Heavy Weather.”