Ws-2310 ver 9.46c Temp is .1 off from unit

For some time now the Lacross ws-2310 Display unit will display 60.1 for the outdoor Temp and WD will show 60.2 most of the time.

What is also strange is when the temp changes some time is it correct.

Now as i write this message it has gone the other way. WD has 60.1 and the Dispaly unit has 60.0

There must be some bad data or something going on.
it only seem to be off by .1 up or down.


my 2310 is nearly the same, although WD is always .1 more than my basestation …I have my suspicion it has something to do with the program being written in celcius and having to interpret Fahrenheit…LOL I just wish them metric lovers would give it up!
:wink: Jon Paul

It could also be when WD updates and the station display has already changed. I’ve noticed on my page that sometimes the summary temp and the table temp are not the same, separated by .1 degrees. I guess our temp changes fast here (which is not far from the truth).

it couldl be rounding errors
but the ws2310 works in steps…and different offsts are needed…
the raw readings are actualy in oC…
as a test, try oC , under units…your data will bot be altered…