WS-2310 Rain totals WAY too high

I have a WS-2310 station using WD. One porblem I’m having is the ran totals don’t match the rain rate.

The rain rate, for example is 0.002. At this time the “Last Hour” rainfall and the “Today” rainfall where jumping at a rate of .1 to .2 per clip, all within a min or two.

I have not made any changes to the rainfall offset or the rain gague tip so I don’t think this is the problem.

Any ideas?


If the WS2310 shows 4.1mm per flip you have one with a faulty chip-set. It should be 0.5mm per flip…

Only way to solve this is to have it switched by LaCrosse.

cheers, Aad

PS Sorry for not knowing the inch-values…

I beleive I have (had) different problems. One problem was the display for the WS-2310 was set to display in MM and WD was set for in. I fixed this problem and thougt all was well.

At first today durring another rain it looked like things where being recorded correctly. Then for about 30 sec. WD display started counting up on “Today” rainfall getting up to 2+ in. while 'Last Hour" remained at 0.00. Looking at my display it is displaying a more acurate reainding of 0.81 in for the 24 hour period.

What would cause WD to count and/or display this high rainfall reading?

I’m running v9.68d of WD.


Another strange thing with the Ws2300/2310 is connecting both the console to a computer and using the 6v power adapter. If the ground of your computer is not in fase with the ground of your ac-adapter, it causes strange spikes on the rs232 port… try running the console on batteries only and see what happens…

Thanks for the sugestion. I just unpluged the 6v and will give an update next rain.


the rain last hour onlu updated each minute

the rain spikes is a fault of the console.
when connected to a PC via the serial cable, and a new console fixes that
(i know for this for a fact, as it happened to a friend of mine, and nothing we did (even batteries, earthing the PC real well) stopped the random rain spikes (which only occured when connected to a PC))

I don’t know if the problem is with the display.

The diaplay in the building that is connected to the computer and the computer that is in the house is displaying the same info about rain.

I wondering if it might be something with WD.

Example, as on 7:10 PM 04/07/2003, WD is showing “Last Hour” rain fall as 0.36" and Total for today (from 0:00) is 0.04". How can it show more rain for the day than it shows for the last hour?

Any ideas?


that should not be happening
email me your latest.inf file from the folder data files