WS-2310 Humidity

I have noticed in the past that the humidity on my base station and in WD will be different for long periods of time. This morning for about an hour, the base station read 90%, and WD read 96%. Any ideas?

After I went to setup and set the offset for mine my base station and WD have been right on(3mnths at least)… Are your readings ever the same?

They are usually the same. It seems to happen the most when the humidity readings get above the 85% range.

My WS2300 always shows the same reading as WD. Maybe you can check the data-stream coming from you console via ‘View - WS200/WMR900/LaCrosse information…’ and see if the data is showing the number on the console. If so, WD does something weird with it…

Brian has tweaked the WS2300/2310 code lately… maybe that’s why this is happening… check the version-history of WD…

I have all versions on my server from 9.54b. If you need one… let me know !

Good luck, Aad

Some people are very lucky and the reading match. Other may have to enter an offset to match the numbers. WD can do this…


Looked at it again this morning. It seems to only happen when the humidity is between 90% and 96%. Anything below that and it is fine.

By the way, what are people using for a temperature and humidity offset?

i have must have a bug with the code for that humidity range (there are separate steps for each humidity range in the code).
i will investigate early next week (i am away for the weekend)

actauly, i think i have found the bug
uploading a new vers now, i will let you know when its ready
i ahve to go and milk the moolos now, very late now!

a new vers 9.61e is ready now
it should fix this bug

Thanks Brian. I will install today. I hope “milking the moolos” went well. We have a lot of those in these parts.