WOW problems (reply from Met Office) [Resolved]

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As one who was experiencing problems posting data to WOW and it not showing, I emailed them yesterday and received the following reply :- quote

"Dear Richard,

Thank you for your email.

Most interfaces to Automatic Weather Stations have only one field for pressure. WOW assumes any reading in this field to be the "At Station’ Pressure rather than ‘MSLP’. Therefore, be aware that if your AWS is submitting MSLP in this field then WOW will interpret this as ‘At Station’ and apply a conversion to produce a different MSLP reading. The website has now been changed to check which pressure is being submitted in the “Site” fields and react accordingly, such that if you state that ‘MSLP’ is being supplied then WOW will display that data only and in the correct field, if ‘At Station’ Pressure is being supplied then WOW will apply the conversion and display both in the relevant fields.

For your information there is a “Known Issues” tab within the WOW site, please refer to: Met Office WOW - Support this will keep you up to date with any current issues and any issues that have been fixed.
If you have any further questions or need additional information please contact the Weather Desk on 0870 9000 100 where one of our advisors will be happy to help you. The number is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Kind Regards
" unquote

Now as several others were experiencing the same? issue, the only thing I have done since this reply is to ammend the data on the Met Office WOW edit page for my own station, and I have unticked the box for MSLP and left the At Station Pressure ticked. Whether this will solve the issue, time will tell.

I hope the input helps others


This was a well documented issue when we started Beta testing WOW (see HERE) and was resolved some months ago with the amendment described in your email.

If you are using WD to send the data then you’re most likely sending MSLP in the uploads so ONLY this should be selected on your WOW station data, otherwise your pressure data will show incorrectly on WOW.

I’ve add this as a note to the FAQ. :wink:

Hello All

I don’t know what the fix was, but my posted data has now started appearing on the WOW site. The only thing I changed was to greate a new WOW site for myself (different Site ID and Pin number), complain to the Met Office and suddenley it’s working! C’est la vie!


Richard :smiley:

Hi All

I have a macbook pro running the WD App. I am unable to upload to WOW. Uploading find to WeatherCloud. Any ideas???