Work on custom screens/pages on a different computer

This might seem like an odd request…
Where I work, we are in a slow season. I bring my laptop to work everyday and work on some personal stuff like learning more HTML, and learning some new programs.
What I would love to do is be able to practice/play with the custom web page and custom screens.
Is there a way that I could do this on my laptop remotely?
I do have internet access at work, but can’t do much with it (a very large state wide network) - watched - so I can’t remotely connect to my main machine at home.

Any ideas?

A very simple way to simulate a working WD on the laptop would be to:
Set the station type as Universal Interface
Use a text editor to put some values in a datain38.ini file (look in the file universal.txt in c:\wdisplay for details)

or if you have wd creating the clientraw.txt file
then on the other pc and wd version, in the client/server setup, tick, the data is over the internet
and then set the URL to your clientraw.txt file that your WD version at home is uploading to your web site

try that

Maybe I need to back up a bit…
I do not have WD on my laptop - I didn’t want to buy another license just for doing this on my laptop.
So…I do have my laptop on my LAN at home in the evening - are there some WD files I can transfer over to the laptop to do this?

if you set wd as client mode, i.e stationless, than you can use it like that for free