WMR968 Outdoor Temp - How Low Does It Go?

Question for folks with the Oregon Scientific WMR968… I bought one a few months ago. The specs say the outdoor sensor is good down to -4F and I have seen similar comments here on the board to that effect. Because I live where it can get colder than that, I had been meaning to buy the “Ultra Cold Temperature and Humidity Sensor” but hadn’t gotten around to it.

Well, a few days ago we had some extreme cold (-13F) and my WMR968 registered the correct temp the entire time with no problem. Did OS change the specs and just not the manual? Or, is that -4F figure just a guide and not a rule?

I am curious. Thanks!


You may be thinking about the The Baro-Hygrometer which is the indoor unit.

The Thermo-Hygrometer’s (outdoor unit) operating range is

Geez, I guess I better learn to read accurately! Thanks for straightening me out. :oops:


It’s an easy thing to do… glad we were able to help.